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Today, a yummy post to follow up on my previous article 🙂 When in Reims, there are two really famous specialties that you are bound to bump into: the biscuit rose and the champagne of course!The Maison Fossier is the only official producer of Biscuits Roses and exists since the 18th century! You definitely can’t pass by their stores without noticing them, pink is everywhere 🙂 A fun fact is that the iconic colour of this biscuit comes from the carmin that is used in the dough to hide the small black particules that are coming from the vanilla. The champagne is of course the most internationally known specialty of Reims area, and as soon as you go off to the countryside, you can see vineyards everywhere! Did you know that only the sparkling wines produced in the Champagne area of France and that are produced following specific rules can be called Champagne? That explain why all the most famous champagne houses are based in that area. After effort comes comfort and we had to try out a little glass of champagne before leaving! Thanks to Mary we discovered a really cool place: the Perching Bar. The concept is really unique: enjoying a glass of champagne perched on top of a tree with an amazing view of the countryside 🙂 Loved it!
We were very lucky as well, as we just had the time to finish our glass before the thunderstorm started!

Perching Bar
Faux de Verzy
51380 Verzy

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