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Customising a T-shirt

customisation diy

This summer I had bought a basic black low back cotton T-shirt from H&M with the intention of customising it. To do so, I took inspiration from Sézane Paris Vadim T-shirt but I wanted to be able to change the ribbon whenever I wanted. 

What you need:
– Ribbon (chose the material, the width and the length you prefer ; here for example I chose a satin ribbon of 18mm width)
– 2 snap buttons
– Tread, needle and scissors
And off course, a low back T-shirt to customise

What to do:
1- Cut the ribbon in two equal length pieces.
2- Tie the two ribbon pieces in a bow. You can find here a tutorial that shows you how to do a nice looking one.
3- Sew the bottom part of the snap buttons to the inside borders of the T-shirt, making sure they are horizontally aligned and choosing the height at which you want to place them. To make it look nicer, I have hidden the sewing in the T-shirt stitched area.
4- Based on the effect you want to achieve (size of the bow etc.), place and sew the top part of the snap buttons to each of the two ribbon pieces (watch out which side of the button you are sewing).
5- Adjust the bow. If you wish to avoid it from loosening as you move around, you can add a few stitches onto the centre of the bow to keep the knot in place.

And here is the result 🙂 Hope you liked this DIY 🙂 Don’t hesitate to leave a comment! I am taking this opportunity to show you (finally :)) the necklace I made during Tatty Devine jewellery workshop! Do you like it :)?

I am wearing
Top: H&M customised
Necklace: Tatty Devine (made during the bunting necklace workshop)
Headband: Papa Pique et Maman Coud (available here or here)
Lipstick: Estée Lauder Pure Colour Blazing Sun Shimmer (available here)

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Have a nice day!

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