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Celebrating Poppy Day

poppy dress

If you live in the UK you can’t possibly have missed the fact that Remembrance Day is approaching. Indeed, from mid-October, you start seeing poppies blossoming on people’s buttonholes. Even black cabs get customised with poppies on their radiator grills 🙂 This flower has a particular signification for the British people and more broadly for the Common Wealth countries as it symbolises the bloody battlefields. After a few years living in London, I think that, even though the 11th of November is not a bank holiday here, this day has a more visible impact on people than in France: indeed the majority of people are wearing their poppy pinned to their coat the days before and most of the companies do observe two minutes of silence on the day. This year is really special as we are commemorating the centenary since the start of the 1st World War. To pay tribute to the British and colonial troops who died during the war, a temporary art installation called Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red has been set up on Tower of London moats until the 11th of Novembre. This ephemeral work of art, which is a collaboration between the artist Paul Cummins and the stage designer Tom Pipper, consists of a tide of red ceramic poppy where each flower symbolises a World War I British and colonial fatality. These poppies have been set up by volunteers and have all been sold to the public to raise funds for service charities. A few weeks ago, I have been to the Tower of London to check the installation before it gets taken down and I found it quite moving to see these hundreds of thousands poppies pouring from the wall and invading the lawn like a wave of blood… It was already really crowded as people are coming over to London especially to see this piece of art (there were even petitions circulating around to get it extended for a longer period of time)! For the occasion, I wore a black and red outfit to match with the poppies :), below a few pictures of this dressed up look.

I am wearing
Dress: H&M (previous collection)
Jacket: bought on a market in Shanghai
Bag: & Other stories (see here)
Bracelet: bought on a market in Shanghai
Nail polish: Essie After school boy blazer (see here)
Lipstick: Revlon Colourstay Ultimate Suede Finale (see here)

Hope you had a good day off for those of you living in France 😉
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Have a nice day!

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