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Electra at the Old Vic

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Last weekend, I went to see Electra at the Old Vic, directed by Ian Rickson, with Kristin Scott Thomas as the leading actress. The performance of the cast really recreated a heavy and tense atmosphere in the tradition of greek tragedies in this version of the Sophocles play adapted by Frank McGuinness! I really liked the set up of the scene which reminded me of a greek amphitheatre with the actors gravitating in the centre of the theatre surrounded by the public. A huge wooden door representing the entrance of the palace which is standing on one side of the room, is the only element that is overlooking the set with its threatening presence. I thought that the uncluttered set was really showing off the performance of the actors.
If you go, I would recommend you to get a seat in the stalls where you will be completely immerse in the play as the actors evolve right in front of you. For the record, The Old Vic, which is located close to Waterloo station, was founded in the early days of the 19th century and has now Kevin Spacey for artistic director (and this for the past 10 years). By the way, he does still play there now and then, his latest role being in Clarence Darrow last spring.

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