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Crêperie La Saint Georges in Rennes

Today a comforting post after the recent events… where I will share with you a yummy address in Rennes:  the Crêperie La Saint GeorgesI went there with a couple of friends for lunch during my holiday and we tried different crêpes and galettes. The specific thing about this crêperie is that all the galettes are named after famous “Georges” (Washington, Moustaki, Armani etc.) which is quite fun 🙂
Being a big fan of foie gras, I chose the George Chakiri with fried foie gras, ginger bread, pears and balsamic vinegar reduction. It was a delicious sweet and salted combination and the fried foie gras was perfectly cooked! My friends treated themselves with the Georges V made with fried foie gras, apples and balsamic vinegar ice cream and a galette with chorizo, Espelette pepper and an egg which I forgot the name of. For dessert, I went for the Marshmallow crêpe with lightly caramelised marshmallows, salted caramel and a scoop of Carambar ice cream (I switched the usual vanilla and nougatine ice cream for that one which I really wanted to try :)). Just amazing !!!
Not only were the crepes and galettes delicious but the interior design of the crêperie was as well really cool and cosy! See for yourself the pictures I took to show you.

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2014-12-26_creperie_saint_georges_1 2014-12-26_creperie_saint_georges_42 2014-12-26_creperie_saint_georges_7 2014-12-26_creperie_saint_georges_8 2014-12-26_creperie_saint_georges_6 2014-12-26_creperie_saint_georges_10 2014-12-26_creperie_saint_georges_16 2014-12-26_creperie_saint_georges_29 2014-12-26_creperie_saint_georges_36 2014-12-26_creperie_saint_georges_38 2014-12-26_creperie_saint_georges_40 2014-12-26_creperie_saint_georges_44

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