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A week in Les 2 Alpes

les 2 alpes

Last month, I went skiing for a week in Les 2 Alpes. Winter holidays are one of my favourites as it is all about skiing, relaxing and eating nice food with… lots of cheese! We were lucky to have fresh snow as a couple of weeks before we went, a lot of resorts were suffering from the lack of it. For most of the days, we had a very strange weather though, with a heavy fog at the start of the lifts and a freezing wind but sun at the very top. Les 2 Alpes has a landscape too sparse with greenery to my taste and some skiing areas are not very convenient to access to. That is why I am not as keen of it as other resorts but I really liked the fact that the ski pass allows you to get free entry to the swimming pool and the ice rink! I tried the swimming pool which, worth mentioning, has an outdoor part!! It was fun to be swimming with a privileged view of the mountains 🙂 Below a couple of pictures from our holidays 🙂 And you guys, do you like skiing? What is your favorite resort?

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2015-02-06_ski_les_deux_alpes_92 2015-02-03_les_deux_alpes_1 2015-02-06_ski_les_deux_alpes_80 2015-02-06_ski_les_deux_alpes_84 2015-02-06_ski_les_deux_alpes_71 2015-02-06_ski_les_deux_alpes_82 2015-02-06_ski_les_deux_alpes_86 2015-02-06_ski_les_deux_alpes_87 2015-02-06_ski_les_deux_alpes_97 2015-02-06_ski_les_deux_alpes_98 2015-02-06_ski_les_deux_alpes_103 2015-02-02_ski_les_deux_alpes_4 2015-02-06_ski_les_deux_alpes_105 2015-02-06_ski_les_deux_alpes_38 2015-02-06_ski_les_deux_alpes_46 2015-02-06_ski_les_deux_alpes_49 2015-02-06_ski_les_deux_alpes_53 2015-02-06_ski_les_deux_alpes_59 2015-02-06_ski_les_deux_alpes_69 2015-02-02_ski_les_deux_alpes_13 2015-02-02_ski_les_deux_alpes_14 2015-02-03_les_deux_alpes_6 2015-02-02_ski_les_deux_alpes_21

Have a nice day!

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    Emma-Famille Plus
    March 3, 2015 at 1:20 pm

    Jolies photos. Les 2 Alpes sont un très bon choix. C'est une station Famille Plus, avec des activités pour tous les âges et tous les goûts, notamment la piscine et la patinoire mais aussi promenades à cheval ou en chiens de traineaux, luge ou encore Ice Glider, ces auto-tamponneuse sur glace (voir lien profil)

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    March 3, 2015 at 2:25 pm

    Tes photos sont sublimes!!!!



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    A week in Courchevel - Melting Pot
    April 3, 2017 at 6:23 am

    […] After Les 2 Alpes two years ago, this year we went skiing for a week in Courchevel at the end of February. I love staying in the mountains in winter as I find it a great way to get some fresh air, exercice and clear your mind.  I always like going to Courchevel as the skiing area is really varied and 1650 station’s atmosphere is very friendly. Snow conditions were not ideal this year and we started seeing the soil on a couple of slopes (which is unusual for the station), but we made the most of it anyways! […]

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