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A weekend in Frankfurt


Back in January, I went to Frankfurt for the weekend to meet up with some friends. The city is actually fairly easy to get around in a day as all the key places to see are in walkable distance, so no need for a car 🙂 We started with the North East district and then headed off to the city centre. If you go to Frankfurt, I recommend you to check the nice view over Frankfurt from MyZeil shopping centre, wander on the Zeil and discover the city main touristic landmarks such as the Römer, Saint Paul’s Church and the surrounding buildings which have a very unique architecture, the Cathedral, Eiserner Steg bridge, where lovers come to hang a padlock, and the opera among others. We finally ended up strolling around the indoor market Kleinmarkthalle while eating a hot dog style Bratwurst (German sausage) 🙂 Yummy!
We then headed off to Großer Feldberg in the Taunus mountain which is about 40 minutes drive from Frankfurt and allows you to get a nice view over the area and the city (usually :)). However, as we were approaching the top, the snow started! Super exciting! When we arrived at the top, it was freezing and snowing heavily so we took shelter in the restaurant Feldberg Hof for lunch. I ordered a hearty portion of Käsespätzle (traditional noodles with cheese) which was perfect considering the weather 🙂
Later on, once back in Frankfurt, we headed off to Struwwelpeter in Sachsenhausen district for drinks and diner where I tried the Frankfurter Schnitzel (a breaded pork cutlet with green sauce) with my Apfelwein. It is quite a touristy place but I thought the atmosphere was friendly, which is driven by the fact that everyone is crammed together on long wooden tables.
Check below for some pictures of my weekend in Frankfurt 🙂 So, would you like to visit it too?

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2015-01-24_frankfurt_2 2015-01-24_frankfurt_9 2015-01-24_frankfurt_16 2015-01-24_frankfurt_22 2015-01-24_frankfurt_25 2015-01-24_frankfurt_30 2015-01-24_frankfurt_31 Saint Paul’s Church2015-01-24_frankfurt_33 2015-01-24_frankfurt_41 2015-01-24_frankfurt_43 2015-01-24_frankfurt_46 2015-01-24_frankfurt_52Römer2015-01-24_frankfurt_55 2015-01-24_frankfurt_61 2015-01-24_frankfurt_70 2015-01-24_frankfurt_78 2015-01-24_frankfurt_87 The Cathedral2015-01-24_frankfurt_91 Kleinmarkthalle2015-01-24_frankfurt_106 2015-01-24_frankfurt_109 2015-01-24_frankfurt_114 2015-01-24_frankfurt_122 2015-01-24_frankfurt_125 2015-01-24_frankfurt_126 2015-01-24_frankfurt_128 2015-01-24_frankfurt_129 2015-01-24_frankfurt_131 2015-01-24_frankfurt_134 2015-01-24_frankfurt_143 2015-01-24_frankfurt_147 2015-01-24_frankfurt_154 Alte Op2015-01-24_frankfurt_157 Großer Feldberg2015-01-24_frankfurt_171 2015-01-24_frankfurt_177 2015-01-24_frankfurt_178 2015-01-24_frankfurt_183 2015-01-24_frankfurt_185 20150124_213814 20150124_214011

Have a nice day!

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    March 30, 2015 at 12:04 pm

    Whaou l'architecture est sublime la bas!!!!
    Tes photos sont très belle et donnent envie!



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    Excuse me, I am French
    April 11, 2015 at 9:20 pm

    C'est en effet une très jolie ville 🙂 Merci! Bisous

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