Meeting Les Bijoux de Lu

les bijoux de lu

Today we are meeting a new designer, Lucile, the designer and founder of Les Bijoux de Lu. I came across her creations on Instagram and really liked the ethnic touch and the delicacy of her jewellery.  I got in touch with her and took the opportunity of a trip to Paris to meet her and get to know her. Following this meeting, I am organising a giveaway for you to win a creation! Check-out the end of this post for more information on the how to take part in it. 

What is your story? 
I started working for several years as a social worker but after a while, I realised that I was not meant to do that for the rest of my career. I had always liked creating jewellery for my relatives and little by little this project started to grow. It started seriously a year and a half ago when I changed to part-time but it really became my full time job 6 months ago when I started working on the collection that just came out!

What is Les bijoux de Lu philosophy?
My goal is to create jewellery that can be worn for any occasions: whether it is at work or to go out with friends. I wish every woman can find something for her amongst my creations. I do also make sure that all my designs are harmonious and can easily be combined together in different ways as you fancy 🙂 My jewellery has an ethnic style with the use of feathers, threads and natural stones, but my uniqueness resides in the creation work I am doing with the textile threads.

How would you describe Les Bijoux de Lu in three words?
Curiosity, Perseverance and Encounters

How do you design your collections?
Everything starts with a shape. For example, for the previous collection, I had chosen the triangle and for the new one, it is the circle. I then chose my colours and I start to sketch the designs with the chosen shape as a starting point. I then define the colours that will be used on the different models by trying out the samples of materials on the drawings and I then move on to the prototyping phase! All the jewel accessories I am designing are creations I would like to wear 🙂

How are your creations made?
I use different materials: brass, threads, feathers and natural stones of which I carefully chose the origin. Then, the finishing, the making of the textile elements and the assembly are all done by me in my workshop in the Machicadou store on the banks of the Canal Saint-Martin in Paris.

What are your upcoming projects?
For the moment, I am quite busy with the launch of the next collection as I am taking care of everything on my own from making the jewellery to dealing with communication and community management. However, I am looking into attending some craft shows to get my brand more known. I am also planning on getting trained on some new jewellery technics!

I hope you enjoyed meeting Lucile and discovering more about her and her brand 🙂 Follow me on Facebook and Instagram to discover more about my little world.

Below a beautiful portrait of Lucile that was done by the talented photographer of the brand Margot Mchn.

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Have a nice day!

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    Petite and So What
    October 20, 2015 at 8:02 am

    Trop belles toutes ces créations! Une très belle découverte!
    Des bisous LN

    Petite and So What

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    Sarah Les Jolis Mondes
    October 20, 2015 at 7:12 pm

    Jolies interview et photos 🙂 J'aime beaucoup les boucles d'oreilles que tu proposes d'offrir sur instagram !

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    Naelle - Once in Paris
    October 21, 2015 at 12:44 pm

    Très très belles photos et ces collections sont vraiment sublimes! c'est fou le talent qu'on certaines personnes!


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    October 26, 2015 at 2:46 pm

    Oh j'aime beaucoup c'est super joli, je craque beaucoup pour ce mélange fils et doré!!




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