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Mademoiselle Privé at the Saatchi Gallery

mademoiselle privé chanel

Last week, I went to see Mademoiselle Privé exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery in London. When I got there, I was not expecting such a long queue… Nevertheless, I decided to stick around and after one hour and a half, I finally got in! 

The visit actually starts outside with a beautiful garden that has been designed for the occasion by Rich Landscapes in hommage to Coco Chanel. As we enter the gallery, we are straight away immersed in Chanel fashion house world. All along the exhibition, different aspects of Gabrielle Chanel’s life and what makes up Chanel house DNA are touched upon. For example, a room is dedicated to Chanel n°5 fragrance and is deconstructing its different notes, another one is showcasing her first jewellery collection etc. When walking though the exhibition, I sometimes really felt I was at the 31 rue Cambon with the store like layout and the famous mirrored staircase from the top of which Gabrielle was checking the public reaction during her collections presentations.  I enjoyed discovering the creations of Lesage and Lemarié which are presented on the very top floor but I think it might be even better if you manage to book a workshop! I let you discover the pictures I took of the the installations!

By the way, don’t forget to download the Mademoiselle Privé app beforehand (I didn’t and feel I may have missed something interesting) 🙂 Hurry up as the exhibition is finishing on the 1st of November! If you want to know a bit more about Gabrielle Chanel, I recommend you to read the following books: The World of Coco Chanel: Friends, Fashion, Fame and Vogue on: Coco Chanel.

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    Sarah, Les Jolis Mondes
    October 29, 2015 at 7:08 am

    Superbe ! Ces robes, ces tissus, toutes ces fleurs… Et le mythique Chanel n°5 ! Je ne sais pas si j'aurais eu la patience d'attendre une heure et demie mais je crois que tu as bien fait 🙂

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