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November 2015

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Ai Wei Wei at the Royal Academy of Arts

ai wei wei hexie

As mentioned to you in a previous post, I have been to London Royal Academy of Arts a few weeks ago to see Ai Wei Wei exhibition. Apart from hearing he had taken part in the design of Beijing Olympic stadium, the Bird’s Nest, I really got to discover his work when I arrived in London at the end of 2010, where he was exhibiting the Sunflower Seeds installation at the Tate Modern. Continue Reading



Today, it is with a heavy heart and much soul-searching that I wanted to reflect on Friday’s tragedy. I am lucky not to have had anyone from my family and friends killed or wounded in the terrorist attacks but I wanted to pay tribute to those who have died, their relatives as well as the rescue teams. Continue Reading


3 things I like #1

Today is a new kind of post! I have recently seen in the blogosphere more and more people sharing fellow favourite bloggers / instagrammers and I have decided to start sharing with you those who are inspiring me every day. Continue Reading