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Renegade Craft Fair in London

Sarah Louise Matthews

Back in November, I went to the Renegade Craft Fair at The Old Truman Brewery in Brick Lane. There was around 200 independent Makers attending it, which were coming from all over UK and even US offering a wide range of creations.

I wandered around and I have selected for you the ones which stood out for me. And who knows, that might give you some last minute Christmas presents ideas 🙂

Sarah Louise Matthews

My first crush was for Sarah Louise Matthews delicate paper-cut creations. I am particularly fan of her cactus and her beautiful flowers!

2015-11-07_renegade_craft_fair_005 2015-11-07_renegade_craft_fair_009

Anna Wiscombe and Scout Editions

The wooden birds, flowers and accessories from Anna Wiscombe got me stopping. I especially liked her flower earrings as well as her littleplywood houses which she did in collaboration with Scout Editions. I also found interesting what Wai and Pui, the founders of Scout Editions, and particularly their cactus folded cards 🙂

2015-11-07_renegade_craft_fair_011 2015-11-07_renegade_craft_fair_013 2015-11-07_renegade_craft_fair_018 2015-11-07_renegade_craft_fair_023 2015-11-07_renegade_craft_fair_026 2015-11-07_renegade_craft_fair_032 2015-11-07_renegade_craft_fair_031

Materia Rica

To stay on wood creations, I also noticed the unique and colourful jewellery pieces of Materia Rica whose collections have very varies inspiration sources.

2015-11-07_renegade_craft_fair_056 2015-11-07_renegade_craft_fair_055 2015-11-07_renegade_craft_fair_057 2015-11-07_renegade_craft_fair_059

Nylon Sky

I also fell in love with Nylon Sky jewels which have a very geometric style and are mixing different materials including maple wood and plexiglass. I actually bought a pair of earrings from them which you will probably see in one of my upcoming looks 🙂 On top of making jewels, they have recently started to make cute little notebooks.

2015-11-07_renegade_craft_fair_069 2015-11-07_renegade_craft_fair_080 2015-11-07_renegade_craft_fair_071 2015-11-07_renegade_craft_fair_077

A Weathered Penny

I also spotted A Weathered Penny, a little British jewellery brand, playful and minimalist. I like the simplicity and the delicacy of Kayleigh’s creations which can be stacked together. In terms of colour, anyone can find something they like as the jewels are plated in silver, gold 18 carats or rose gold. In a similar style, I also liked the constellation necklaces in brass and silver from Oh Someday which can be seen on one of the pictures below.

2015-11-07_renegade_craft_fair_043 2015-11-07_renegade_craft_fair_134 2015-11-07_renegade_craft_fair_137 2015-11-07_renegade_craft_fair_136 2015-11-07_renegade_craft_fair_051 2015-11-07_renegade_craft_fair_048 2015-11-07_renegade_craft_fair_044

Passa Paa

I got hooked by the beautiful silk and cotton printed scarves of Passa Paa. I also really liked the raw style of their hemp bags which are adorned with stitched leather. These creations, which are re-interpreting the traditional motifs of the Hmong ethnicity, are created by a design studio based in Laos and are handmade by local artisans.

2015-11-07_renegade_craft_fair_115 2015-11-07_renegade_craft_fair_116 2015-11-07_renegade_craft_fair_121 2015-11-07_renegade_craft_fair_126 2015-11-07_renegade_craft_fair_128

Ella Masters Studio and The City Works

There was a lot of choice from the illustration point of view, but my favourites were the ones of Ella Masters Studio and The City Works. These two illustrators have very different styles but I really liked the colourful and naive world of Ella, and the geometric and almost labyrinth like side of The City Works illustrations and stationary.

2015-11-07_renegade_craft_fair_141 2015-11-07_renegade_craft_fair_143 2015-11-07_renegade_craft_fair_148 2015-11-07_renegade_craft_fair_152 2015-11-07_renegade_craft_fair_155

There was a wide range of people showcasing interior design creations and products with my favourites amongst them being the cacti and succulents of Geo-Fleur, the glass objects and terrarium from Monti by Monti, the beautiful vases and plates of Pen + Gravy as well as the candles from East Wick and Evermore. These last two ones are selling their handmade small batch candles made from soy wax and paraben free essential oils. I particularly liked the Grapefruit and Bergamote candle from Evermore as well as the more classic Vanilla and Cinnamon one from East Wick. Evermore also offers potpourris made from local organic flower farms.

 I hope you liked my little selection 🙂 It was not easy as there was lots of talented exhibitors (but there was also stuff which left me a bit sceptical)! Follow me on Facebook and Instagram to discover more about my little world!

2015-11-07_renegade_craft_fair_085 2015-11-07_renegade_craft_fair_082 2015-11-07_renegade_craft_fair_091 2015-11-07_renegade_craft_fair_066 2015-11-07_renegade_craft_fair_067 2015-11-07_renegade_craft_fair_097 2015-11-07_renegade_craft_fair_096 2015-11-07_renegade_craft_fair_098 2015-11-07_renegade_craft_fair_099 2015-11-07_renegade_craft_fair_102 2015-11-07_renegade_craft_fair_129 2015-11-07_renegade_craft_fair_130 2015-11-07_renegade_craft_fair_131 2015-11-07_renegade_craft_fair_132 2015-11-07_renegade_craft_fair_133 2015-11-07_renegade_craft_fair_146 2015-11-07_renegade_craft_fair_147

Have a nice day!

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