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Quebec – Canada Part 5

quebec canada

Following our stop in Baie-Saint-Paul, we finally arrived in Quebec! In this post, I will focus more on places to visit there and I will do another post later for everything related to gastronomy as we have tried so many delicious things that this article would be too long 🙂

During our visit, we used a Cartoville guide book which we had borrowed from a friend (they have a couple of references in English). It was actually the first time I was using one and I really love it as it is so easy to walk around with (no need to leaf through hundred pages to find a nice spot or the right address as everything fit on one double page with the map of the area that can be unfolded), I strongly recommend you to try them (we have even bought one in Montreal following that :)).


We found a space to park for free in the little streets of Montcalm thanks to the advice of our kind AirBnB hostess and we carried on our visit by foot. On our way, we checked the street lamps decorated by Quebecker artists which are dressing up the Cartier avenue.

2015-05-23_quebec_007 2015-05-23_quebec_009 2015-05-23_quebec_017

We started our visit by the Champs-de-Bataille park with a little stop by the Jeanne d’Arc garden to see one of the Martello towers. This park takes its name from the fact that it has been the theatre of the battle between the French and the British to take the city during the 18th century. We went there in spring but our friend was telling us that, during winter, Abraham plains are set up for cross-country skiing, snowshoes hiking and ice skating! Definitely to try if you come there in winter! We then carried on Grand Allée, which is surrounded by very pretty houses, until we reached the Parliament next to St-Louis gate.

quebec canada 2015-05-23_quebec_042 2015-05-23_quebec_046 2015-05-23_quebec_025 2015-05-23_quebec_061 2015-05-23_quebec_066 2015-05-23_quebec_069 2015-05-23_quebec_116 2015-05-23_quebec_118 2015-05-23_quebec_136 2015-05-23_quebec_138 2015-05-23_quebec_143 2015-05-23_quebec_161 2015-05-23_quebec_168 2015-05-23_quebec_192 2015-05-23_quebec_195 2015-05-23_quebec_207 2015-05-23_quebec_217 2015-05-23_quebec_222 2015-05-23_quebec_226 2015-05-23_quebec_229 2015-05-23_quebec_237 2015-05-23_quebec_239 2015-05-23_quebec_242 2015-05-23_quebec_252 2015-05-23_quebec_255 2015-05-23_quebec_274 2015-05-23_quebec_269 2015-05-23_quebec_279

We then walked up to the Citadelle, which was built by the British during the 19th century to protect themselves from a American invasion, and that offers a panoramique view over the city and its surroundings. We continued our journey with the Dufferin Terrace which passes by the Château Frontenac which has a very characteristic architecture. We didn’t take the time to go in but it is apparently worth doing so to check the interior decoration. After a well deserved lunch break at the Cochon Dingue and a Beavertail as dessert (I will tell you more about this specialty in my post on Québec yummy addresses :)),we have done a bit of window-shopping in the nice little cobbled streets of Petit-Champlain. I actually found some cool postcards in the little store Brin de Folie and I also bought myself a zipped hoodie from Roots (not far from the Holy Trinity Cathedral). Roots is a Canadian lifestyle brand that has a very strong environmental and social equity and makes confortable and warm clothes. When passing by this area, don’t miss the cute Place Royale with the Notre-Dame-des-Victoires church as well as the Quebecker mural painting on which you can have fun trying to find the Quebeckers who have made their mark on this country’s history.

quebec canada 2015-05-23_quebec_291 2015-05-23_quebec_323 2015-05-23_quebec_325 2015-05-23_quebec_339 2015-05-23_quebec_344 2015-05-23_quebec_353 2015-05-23_quebec_367 2015-05-23_quebec_363 2015-05-23_quebec_372 2015-05-23_quebec_374 2015-05-23_quebec_384 2015-05-23_quebec_389 2015-05-23_quebec_394 2015-05-23_quebec_402 2015-05-23_quebec_405 2015-05-23_quebec_400 2015-05-23_quebec_410 2015-05-23_quebec_416 2015-05-23_quebec_423 2015-05-23_quebec_432 2015-05-23_quebec_435 2015-05-23_quebec_437 2015-05-23_quebec_439 2015-05-23_quebec_442 2015-05-23_quebec_454 2015-05-23_quebec_451 2015-05-23_quebec_462 2015-05-23_quebec_465 2015-05-23_quebec_467 2015-05-23_quebec_473 2015-05-23_quebec_481 2015-05-23_quebec_488 2015-05-23_quebec_493 2015-05-23_quebec_500 2015-05-23_quebec_516 2015-05-23_quebec_511 2015-05-23_quebec_641 2015-05-23_quebec_646 2015-05-23_quebec_636 2015-05-23_quebec_652 2015-05-23_quebec_657 2015-05-23_quebec_665 2015-05-23_quebec_673 2015-05-23_quebec_677 2015-05-23_quebec_696 2015-05-23_quebec_698 2015-05-23_quebec_700 2015-05-24_quebec_and_around_163 2015-05-24_quebec_and_around_166 2015-05-24_quebec_and_around_170 2015-05-24_quebec_and_around_175 2015-05-24_quebec_and_around_177 2015-05-24_quebec_and_around_180 2015-05-24_quebec_and_around_182 2015-05-24_quebec_and_around_184 2015-05-24_quebec_and_around_195 2015-05-24_quebec_and_around_197

The following day, we started by a visit of the Museum of civilisation. I have found the permanent exhibition “People of Quebec” interesting as it is taking us through the history of this region and allow us to know more about the events which have made Quebec the way it is today. I only found a bit of a shame that the pre-colonisation part was not more developed and that not more was shared on the indigene population status over the centuries. You can still discover a couple of objets from this civilisation in the exhibition “This is our story”. We then went for a walk along the Quai Saint-André and stopped by the Old Harbour market. I really like markets as it is always the opportunity to try local specialties 🙂 Here, we have tried little blocks of cheese, which are cheddar curds, also nicknamed “squeaky” cheese because of the noise it makes when chewed 🙂 After this little foodie break, we went to the Palais train station which as a very characteristic architecture, similar to the one of the Château de Frontenac, which is inspired by the Loire castles.

After a lunch in the area, we hit the road to explore a few places just outside Quebec which I will tell you more about in an upcoming post 🙂 Follow me on Facebook and Instagram to discover more about my little world!

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quebec canada quebec canada 2015-05-24_quebec_and_around_119 2015-05-24_quebec_and_around_115 2015-05-24_quebec_and_around_036 2015-05-24_quebec_and_around_110 2015-05-24_quebec_and_around_033 2015-05-24_quebec_and_around_052 2015-05-24_quebec_and_around_031 2015-05-24_quebec_and_around_045 2015-05-24_quebec_and_around_050 2015-05-24_quebec_and_around_028 2015-05-24_quebec_and_around_043 2015-05-24_quebec_and_around_038 2015-05-24_quebec_and_around_054 2015-05-24_quebec_and_around_020 2015-05-24_quebec_and_around_015 2015-05-23_quebec_792 2015-05-23_quebec_789 2015-05-23_quebec_779 2015-05-23_quebec_768 2015-05-23_quebec_765 2015-05-23_quebec_757 2015-05-23_quebec_752 2015-05-23_quebec_750 2015-05-23_quebec_748 2015-05-23_quebec_745 2015-05-23_quebec_734 2015-05-23_quebec_711

Have a nice day!

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