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Quebec Foodie Guide – Canada Part 6

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You may have followed our adventures in Canada during my previous posts. Today, I wanted to share with you my Quebec foodie guide. We only stayed for two-three days in this city but we have been amazed by the profusion of nice little addresses! That is why I decided to write up a dedicated article as there was too many… 🙂 #yummyI have prepared for you a snap shot of the different places we have tried even though there are many other nice ones which we didn’t get the chance to discover. By the way, feel free to share in the comments your recommendations!

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Le Quai 19
When we arrived in Quebec, we went for dinner at Quai 19 and I must say that it was setting the tone of our stay in this city: delicious! The setting of this restaurant is very cool with stoned walls and on top of that a quite modern  decoration. In the kitchen, the chef Dominic Jacques which got noticed when he won the show Les Chefs! (the Canadian equivalent of Master Chef) a few years ago. The menu is created around local ingredients but arranged in the nouvelle cuisine way. It is simply de-li-cious and I strongly recommend you to go there, but I think it might be better to book in advance.

Le Quai 19
48, rue Saint-Paul
QC G1K 3V7 Québec

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Queues de Castor
The first time someone told me about beaver tails, I had imagined it to be a  strange savoury dish. In fact, I discovered it is not real beaver tails 😉 but a dessert made of fried dough stretched and shaped like a beaver tail. You can then spread anything you like on top of it. We stopped by the store in Petit Champlain area to give it a try and I chose the traditional version with maple butter. It is a bit rich but delicious!

Queues de Castor
28, boulevard Champlain
G1K 4H7 Québec

 2015-05-23_quebec_626 2015-05-23_quebec_629 2015-05-23_quebec_631

Chocolats Favoris
The soft ice cream from Chocolats Favoris are a must try in Quebec, and the queue in front of the store is there to prove it! The concept is simple: you choose a flavour of soft ice cream amongst the weekly selection (change in french article) and then a chocolate ‘enrobage’ amongst a large range of choice (white chocolate, dulce de leche, salted caramel etc.). You can then sit in the little garden in the backyard of the store to enjoy your ice cream. Loved the chilled atmosphere! We actually liked it so much that we went there twice 😉

Chocolats Favoris
32, avenue Begin
QC G6V 4B9 Lévis

2015-05-25_quebec_041 2015-05-24_quebec_and_around_519 2015-05-24_quebec_and_around_520 2015-05-24_quebec_and_around_530 2015-05-24_quebec_and_around_534 2015-05-24_quebec_and_around_536 2015-05-24_quebec_and_around_540 2015-05-24_quebec_and_around_508 2015-05-25_quebec_042 2015-05-24_quebec_and_around_514

Boutique Les Délices de l’Érable
If you want to bring back sweet Canadian specialties such as maple sirup, jelly or butter, I recommend you to go to a supermarket as you can find there really good products for much less than specialty stores. By the way, digressing a bit here, one of the things I really like when travelling and that I recommend you to do, is to visit supermarkets or convenience stores. I always end up bringing back new ingredients or specialties to remind me of my trip when I come back home 🙂 To come back to Quebec, I also popped by the Délices de l’Érable, a store which is specialised in maple-based products and I bought a couple of presents such as maple mustard and vinegar which I hadn’t seen in the supermarkets. It was also the opportunity to try maple taffy. What is maple taffy will you say :)? It is a sort of lollipop made of heated maple sirup which has been poured on compacted snow. It was actually quite late in the season for that treat (quebeckers usually eat that during the sugar season (check if other word for the “sugaring-off” time et change in french) from mid-March to end of April in the sugar shacks during gargantuan brunches) but it was really nice try this sweet treat!

Les Délices de l’Érable
1044, rue Saint-Jean
QC G1R 1R6 Québec


La Barberie
We didn’t go out much during our stay in Quebec as we were completely worn out after walking around all day, but we still tried a really cool micro-brewery: La Barberie which is located in Saint-Roch. The owner is very nice and gives really good advice if you are not sure what to try!

La Barberie
310, rue Saint Roch
QC G1K 6S2 Québec


On our last day, we went for a brunch on top of the Concorde tower in the revolving restaurant Ciel!. I had the soup of the day (change in French soupe du jour), (enlever ‘et’) a salmon tartare and I finished with a little tea from Theodor. It was really good but I found it not as delicate and creative as Quai 19. However the view est probably one of the best in town. Besides, as the restaurant is doing a 360 degree in one hour and a half, this allows you to overlook the city! Only for that, it is worth it 🙂

1225, Cours du Général de Montcalm
QC G1R 4W6 Québec


Brynd Smoked Meat
When we had a walk around the harbour, we stopped by Brynd Smoked Meat for lunch and tried their smoked-meat sandwiches and salads. It was copious and rustic. A nice specialty to have for a quick lunch. The address which we went to is now closed but hopefully, they have two other restaurants.


Cochon Dingue
We went for lunch to the Cochon Dingue in the Petit Champlain area following the recommendation of our friend and we didn’t regret it! The concept of this restaurant is to offer dishes made with locals ingredients but with a little French twist in a Parisian bistrot atmosphere. I have tried the Hercule cheese crème brûlée (a cheese that is characteristic of Charlevoix) and the crab cakes both delicious! Mister on the other hand chose the duo of sausages So-Cho which are seasoned with unusual flavours such as cranberry, maple, brie cheese etc. I can only recommend you this address 🙂

Cochon Dingue
46, Boulevard Champlain
QC G1K 4E8 Québec


We tried this little address at lunch time when we paid a quick visit to Quebec on our way to Saguenay (don’t hesitate to check my article to discover that part of Quebec). Bügel is a bagel shop in a little street of Montcalm. The decoration inside is quite unusual  and reminded me of a church with its stained glass decorations and honey wood furniture. There is also a terrace to enjoy the sunshine during the warm season. We stayed inside as it is still fairly chilly here at end of May! There is a lot of choice in terms of bagels and toppings! I opted for a poppy seed grilled bagel with Quark cheese (a specialty from Quebec) mixed with cranberries and maple sirup, whereas Mister went for the old-style bagel with a more classic side of smoked salmon. Delicious!

164, rue Crémazie Ouest
QC G1R 1X7 Québec

2015-05-19_quebec_and_la_baie_6 2015-05-19_quebec_and_la_baie_85 2015-05-19_quebec_and_la_baie_94 2015-05-19_quebec_and_la_baie_97 2015-05-19_quebec_and_la_baie_101 2015-05-19_quebec_and_la_baie_102

I hope you enjoyed discovering my Quebec foodie recommendations 🙂 Follow me on Facebook and Instagram to discover more about my little world!

Have a nice day!

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