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Monkey Jumper in Vauxhall

Recently, it has been really cold in London and it is now time to layer the winter coats, the wooden scarfs and the warm jumpers! Talking about warm jumper, I wanted to show you in this look my new one which I have found in the kids department in Monoprix last time I came back to France 🙂 I had been looking for the perfect super soft jumper for a while and I am so pleased I found this one! OK, as it looks a bit like a monkey fur (according to Mister :)), I have decided to embrace that and to add my little banana brooch from Macon & Lesquoy on the collar of my shirt 🙂 I sometimes accessorise my shirts’ collars as I think it give them a little original twist. I really like the pop brooches of Macon & Lesquoy! I don’t know if you have already heard about this French brand which is doing hand-embroided little accessories using the traditional technic of gold thread embroidery, but I highly recommend you to check out their website as they have such a cool selection of designs! Besides, this season, customisation is really in. You just have to look at the “proliferation” of pins and brooches joining the collections of the fast fashion brands like Zara and Stradivarius and the catwalk trends. To avoid looking too much like I am going to a funeral with my black coat, jumper and hat, I have chosen punchier accessories like my rose gold sparkly Monoprix Kids shoes (again :)) and my Maud Terseur handbag in a similar hue. Maud Terseur is a French independent designer which does really cute leather accessories. I really like the leather ‘lace’ details on some of her bags which you can see on mine. With all this, I am wearing my embroidered grey jeans which I had bought in H&M a few years ago, my new wool scarf from H&M (love this green colour which was really trendy this winter) and a few rose gold pieces of jewellery. I really like this colour lately! These little bracelets are from Estella Bartlett (which I had presented you here) and & Other Stories, the rings from & Other Stories and my asymmetrical studs from the Parisian concept store Les Fleurs. This store is a real Aladdin’s cave and I will actually show it to you in more detail in an upcoming post!

We took these pictures on a Sunday on our way to a brunch in Vauxhall area. This district is not really touristy but is famous for a specific building that you can actually see on the pictures below… the MI-6! Unfortunately, we didn’t get the chance to bump into Daniel Craig 😉 We then went for a brunch at Tea House Theatre. The setting was nice and apparently they regularly host plays, talks etc. however, I found the service not very organised and the food was not great, so I wouldn’t really recommend you to go there for that.

I am wearing
Shirt: La Redoute (previous collection)
Jumper: Monoprix Kids (previous collection)
Trousers: H&M (previous collection)
Coat: made to measure in Shanghai
Scarf: H&M (previous collection)
Shoes: Monoprix Kids (previous collection)
Earrings: Boutique Les Fleurs (current collection)
Rings: & Other Stories (current collection, available here)
Bracelet: & Other Stories (previous collection)
Bracelet: Estella Bartlett (previous collection, similar here)
Brooch: Macon & Lescoy (current collection, available here)
Bag: Maud Terseur (previous collection, similar here)
Hat: bought on a market in Chinatown

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Have a nice day!

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