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luva huva

When I had just arrived in London five years ago, I came across a lovely loungewear brand on a market: Luva Huva. What I like about what Joanna, the designer and founder, is doing is that her creations are comfortable yet elegant and that the materials are super soft. On top of that, I really appreciate her sustainable and environmentally-friendy approach.I have now been wearing her creations to sleep for several years (welcome in my intimacy ;)) and I am really happy with them. That is why I wanted to share with you my crush on this brand and decided to get in touch with Joanna to visit her studio and get to know her. I leave you to discover her interview and her workshop below. This article’s photos have been kindly lent by Joanna, except if mentioned otherwise, as her little workshop was quite crowded in preparation for the winter collection launch when I visited her :). She has also sent me a couple of pictures from the winter collection for me to show you, but I actually suggest you check her online shop to see more of it!

What is your background? How did you start Luva Huva adventure?
I studied textile design and after that did different jobs which had nothing to do with my degree. On the side, I started designing and sewing little things (and especially knickers) for my friends, but it is only really when I presented my lingerie creations at a craft fair in Brighton that things kicking off. Luva Huva adventure started in my living room on my own and now I have a workshop and a team of four people working with me!

How do you design your collections? What are your inspiration sources?
The starting point for a new design is the fabric. From that, I start creating the model while keeping in mind one important constraint: the piece has to be sown in around one hour maximum. This allows me to keep our prices affordable knowing that everything is handmade in the UK. It is also a way for me to focus on simple yet elegant designs. We now have a permanent collection, which includes the babydoll nighties, as well as new models every season. If a design proves to be very popular, it then becomes part of our classics!

How would you describe Luva Huva in three words?
Feminine, ethical, confortable

How are Luva Huva collections made? Where are the materials you are using coming from?
All our creations are made in our workshop in London and I always make a point to use organic or natural fabric, end of line remnants and also vintage lace (which is mostly French). It is not always easy for me to find local suppliers who are offering materials which are in line with our philosophy as well as with what we do, and have minimum ordering quantities which are meeting our needs.

Hope you enjoyed getting to know more about Luva Huva 🙂 Follow me on Facebook and Instagram to discover more about my little world!

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Have a nice day!

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    Sarah, Les Jolis Mondes
    March 14, 2016 at 9:25 am

    Je ne connaissais pas du tout cette marque, c'est joli ! Et puis le côté éthique/éco-responsable est appréciable. C'est cool que tu aies pu aller visiter le studio 🙂

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    Excuse me, I am French
    April 24, 2016 at 9:49 pm

    Merci Sarah ! Contente que cela te plaise 🙂 Bisous

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