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Orleans Island and Montmorency Waterfall – Canada Part 7

montmorency waterfall

When in Quebec, it is also really worth taking your car and explore outside the city as there are quite a few cool things to discover! As we only had a limited time, we decided to focus on visiting the Orleans Island and to climb up the Montmorency waterfall.Before telling you more about that, I have included below the links to my previous posts on our trip to Canada. Follow me on Facebook and Instagram to discover more about my little world!

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The Orleans Island, located in the middle of the Saint Laurent, is less than half an hour drive from Quebec city centre. From its western side, you actually have a panoramic view of the city of Quebec as well as of the Montmorency waterfall. Lots of lovely houses and orchards are spread around the island ; it is so beautiful that I wanted to stop every hundred meters to take pictures 🙂 During our exploration of the island, we stopped by Cassis Monna & Filles to try their drinks and products made from blackcurrant. Yum! The founder, Bernard Monna, was the first to grow blackcurrant in Quebec when he started in 1980. Other people followed the trend and Orleans Island is now the main blackcurrant producer in the whole Quebec region!

Cassis Monna & Filles
721 Chemin Royal
QC G0A 4E0 Saint-Pierre-de-l’Île-d’Orléans

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East of Quebec and facing Orleans Island, stands the Montmorency Waterfall. By the way, did you know that this one is actually taller than the famous Niagara Falls?! We climbed the 487 steps that are leading to the top of the waterfall… You have to be motivated! What is really nice is that, once at the top, there is a suspended bridge that allows you to cross the waterfall and offers a panoramic view of the area! A little cool anecdote if you visit it in winter: the water mist at the bottom of the waterfall is freezing when the temperatures are going down and you can then clim the ‘sugar loaf’!

MONTMORENCY WATERFALL 2015-05-24_quebec_and_around_343 2015-05-24_quebec_and_around_346 2015-05-24_quebec_and_around_347 2015-05-24_quebec_and_around_348 2015-05-24_quebec_and_around_339 2015-05-24_quebec_and_around_350 2015-05-24_quebec_and_around_354 2015-05-24_quebec_and_around_351 2015-05-24_quebec_and_around_352 2015-05-24_quebec_and_around_359 2015-05-24_quebec_and_around_355 2015-05-24_quebec_and_around_360 2015-05-24_quebec_and_around_363 2015-05-24_quebec_and_around_374 2015-05-24_quebec_and_around_545 2015-05-24_quebec_and_around_379 2015-05-24_quebec_and_around_423 2015-05-24_quebec_and_around_382 2015-05-24_quebec_and_around_402 2015-05-24_quebec_and_around_430 2015-05-24_quebec_and_around_432

Have a nice day!

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