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helmut paris

A few months ago, I went to see Clarisse, the founder of Wanted Gina whom I had previously told you about here. It happens that Camille, the designer of the jewellery brand Helmut Paris, is sharing the same workshop as her, so I took this opportunity to ask her a few questions before she disappeared on holiday 🙂 These two get on really well and have even made a beautiful jewel sweatshirt in collaboration for Clarisse Spring-Summer collection!Personally, I love Camille’s creations and how she manages to create elegant accessories using plexiglas which can be often seen as a “cheap” material. I also like the graphic style of her jewellery and the way she plays with contrasts between colours (black, white and transparent) and finishes.

How did you come up with the name Helmut Paris?
It was a little bit random! Four years ago, there was an exhibition of the photographer Helmut Newton at the Grand Palais in Paris and after spotting an ad in the tube, I thought Helmut could be a good name for my brand as I find it quite fun and offbeat.

How did Helmut Paris adventure start? 
After my studies and temporary jobs, I worked several years for a big Parisian advertising agency as an artist director and, in parallel, I started designing jewellery as a hobby. After a while, I didn’t enjoy so much my job anymore and I wanted to have more time to spend on my creations. So I prepared my project and finally left my job at the end of 2014 to dedicate 100% of my time on building my brand. At the beginning, I started working in my living room and a few months ago, I joined the Atelier Beau Travail in the 20th borough along with other independent designers including my friend Clarisse from Wanted Gina.

How would you describe Helmut Paris in three words?
Elegant, stylish, raw as seen by Clarisse from Wanted Gina

How do you create your collections?
Before anything, my jewellery collection consists of pieces I would love to wear and that I create originally for myself 🙂 I begin with an accessory idea and then scribble on my little notebook. Once I am happy with it, I fine tune the drawing and print it to check the proportions. Then, I move to prototypes’ making using the laser cutting machine for the plexiglas and then the assembly. For the little story, at the beginning, I had actually started exploring other materials such as shrink plastic but then I discovered plexiglas and fell in love with it!

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