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As I was telling you in my previous post, I was very inspired from this month’s theme. When doing some researches, I was amazed to see how much this continent is still and has always inspired the fashion and design industry and to discover talented designers of which I have prepared a little selection below.

I start with interior design and particularly the cool discovery of the Parisian store of objects made in Senegal, Keur. I have also unearthed quite a few jewellery, accessories and clothes designers which have been inspired from that area of the world or who made me travel there.

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africa design

1, 4- Keur is a Parisian store selling interior design objects made in Senegal. Pictures (including the cover one) from Keur.

2- Multicolour batik pillows from Bly. Picture from Bly.

3- Chairs designed by Sandrine Alouf and inspired by her walks in the African area of Brussels during her childhood. Picture from Sandrine Alouf.


1, 3, 4- Beautiful handwoven clutches and handbags from the Ghanaian brand AAKS. Pictures from AAKS.

2- Dissident Sheep earrings, you probably already know the colourful creations of Jeanne from previous posts I had shared with you. Pictures from Dissident Sheep.

5- Necklace from Kumbhaka Akina collection. Picture from Kumbhaka


1- ASOS Africa x Chichia oversized T-shirt dress. Pictures from ASOS.

2, 3- Top and cloth made of wax from the young brand Magazelles. Pictures from Magazelles.

4- Merry Mary sweaters and Dissident Sheep jewellery creations. Pictures from Merry Mary.


1, 4- Jewels from Kumbhaka. Pictures from Kumbhaka.

2- Jainli inspired pearl cape. Picture from Jainli.

3- Creations from the textile designer Julie Menuge. Picture from Julie Menuge.

5- Collier sculptural de Toubab Paris. Picture from Toubab Paris.


1, 4- Statement necklaces from Toubab Paris. Pictures from Toubab Paris.

2, 5- Contemporary and streetwear pieces from Maison Château Rouge. Pictures from Maison Château Rouge.

3- ASOS Africa x Chichia wide leg trouser. Pictures from ASOS.

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