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Mosob in London

A few years ago, I went to Adulis, an Eritrean restaurant in Clapham Junction area, and I discovered for the first time the existence of that country and its cuisine.

For the little story, Eritrea, which is located in the Horn of Africa, has, for a time, been part of Ethiopia but is now an independent state since 1991. When I was preparing my recent posts on Africa, I thought it would be nice to get you to discover this cuisine and I did some research to try to find the best Eritrean restaurant in London. This is how I came across Mosob, a little family restaurant located in the North of Notting Hill, which had some good reviews.

When entering, the decoration transports you already over there. In order to discover different flavours, we have opted for the Adi Ugri menu to share and some Moschetta as nibbles. Eritrea cooking is based on injera, a sort of pancake made from a local cereal, the teff. For the Moschetta we had started with, the injera had been dried and was crispy, thus marrying really well with the fresh tomatoes and onions cut in little pieces. We then tried two sorts of injera rolls filled with spinach or spicy lentils which were served with some sauces. I liked them but I found them a little bit dull without the sauces.

For the main, we were served several dishes of meat and vegetables placed on a huge injera. What had struck me at the time when I had tried this cuisine for the first time, was that you shouldn’t be afraid to get your hands dirty 😉 Indeed, you eat these specialties without any cutlery, using torn pieces of injera to grab the different ingredients. You shouldn’t hesitate to garnish well your injera pieces, otherwise you risk getting filled up really quickly as this pancake is really  nourishing (this is what happened to us 🙁 ). Fortunately, our waiter has kindly packed our leftovers for us to take away! I also recommend you to eat the different stuffing together, indeed, we realised the next day, when the vegetables and the meat had been mixed, that the vegetables which had seemed a bit bland the day before, were delicious once infused with the flavours of the meat. By the way, the Minchetabish, made of spicy minced beef, was my favourite stew.

As we have never been to Eritrea, it is difficult for us to judge the authenticity and the quality of the dishes. But we found the Eritrean cooking really convivial and we have appreciated our experience at Mosob! The portions were very generous and the bill quite reasonable. On top of that, the waiters are really friendly and want to get you to discover and enjoy their culture.

339 Harrow Road
W9 3RB London
United Kingdom

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