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You have probably noticed that cacti and succulents are everywhere at the moment in interior design magazines etc. I really love plants to decorate my flat (even if we can’t really say I have green fingers…), so when I came across one of the terrariums workshop of Geo-Fleur, I decided to give it a try! The workshop was happening in a cool interior design store in Central London called West Elm. By the way, would you be interested in me writing a post about it to show you? 

If you don’t know it already, Geo-Fleur is a young company, launched in October 2014 by Sophie Lee, which offers a wide choice of cacti and succulents but also other cool plants such as bonsais which are their latest addition to their selection. But that his not all, the particularity of Geo-Fleur is to offer design pots and plants accessories. I personally really like their minimalistic colour schemes and materials in line with the Scandinavian trend. On top of their online store and their workshops, they also offer a subscription that allows you to receive a plant in your letter box every month, nice idea for a Christmas present, don’t you think!
To prepare for this workshop, I had found a cute bronze terrarium at Olivier Bonas. During one hour and half, Sophie shared with us some of her tops to successfully plant and grow cacti and succulents and we then went on doing our own terrarium composition which was rally fun and relaxing!

As it was a few months ago, I can give you an update on my terrarium: I have managed to kill 2 of the 3 plants (I only have the cactus left) as I think I have been giving the succulents too much water… #fail

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