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Columbia Road Market in London

As you have probably guessed, the theme of the last few weeks are plants 🙂 Today, I take you for a walk in London at the famous Columbia Road Flower Market.

This market is happening every Sundays from 8am to 2pm and is very popular. So, I recommend you to either go there really early to avoid the crowd, or at the end as some merchants are selling off their plants cheaper then. When I went there, I didn’t follow my recommendations 🙂 (I am not a morning person) and it was quite crowded. But if you dodge the crowd and go on the pavement behind the stalls, you can be in a quieter environment and go back into the crowd when you spot something interesting.

Doing so, I actually got to discover some cool little stores of which I have done a little selection below. The ones I managed to have a look at were selling interior design accessories and cute stuff for kids, but I didn’t get enough time to properly explore as there was too many people. I actually think I will probably come back there just to check these shop out better!

In the end, I took the opportunity of that trip to buy 2 little cacti, 1 aloe vera, 1 bigger cactus and 1 succulent, all of this for around 10£!

Nôm – 102 Columbia Road
Dandy Star – 126 Columbia Road
Bob & Blossom – 140 Columbia Road
Glitterati – 148 Columbia Road
Nelly Duff – 156 Columbia Road
Peponita & Friends – 160 Columbia Road
When passing by that side of the road, I got to spot the jewellery collection of  Jacey Withers, a talented British designer.

This walk was also the opportunity to discover a little band that was playing in the street, Toytown Hustle, of which I liked the strains of clarinet.

Columbia Road Flower Market
Columbia Road
E2 7RG London

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Have a nice day!

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    Sarah, Les Jolis Mondes
    January 5, 2017 at 10:19 am

    Tes jolies photos me rappellent des souvenirs, j’avais adoré ce marché aux fleurs il y a deux ans 🙂 J’y retournerai sûrement lors de mon prochain séjour à Londres !!

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