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Hôtel Bohème in Paris

hotel boheme

As I was telling you in my previous article on Etsy fair in Paris where I went just before Christmas last year, I also took that opportunity to check out the independant designers fair Hôtel Bohème.  So finally, here are my favourites from this fair which has a really great selection and that I recommend you to go visit when you can! I know it was a year ago… but, I thought it would still give you some nice ideas for Mothers’ Day which is coming pretty soon (in the UK at least :))!

  • The leather bags and clutches of Antoinette Ameska which are elegant, unique but also designed to be practical. A little cool detail: some of the clutches and bags can be worn together thanks to the clasps.

2015-12-13_hotel_boheme_0212015-12-13_hotel_boheme_018 2015-12-13_hotel_boheme_022

  • I had a huge crush for Charcoal Eskimeit creations, made from Japanese coal Binchotan, sculpted by nature and beautified by the designer couple Irène et Hirohito Kamiya.

2015-12-13_hotel_boheme_030 2015-12-13_hotel_boheme_034 2015-12-13_hotel_boheme_033

  • The silk scarves and the neck accessories Claude from Andrée Sorant which are giving an edge to any shirts or can be simply worn as a necklace.


  • The cute leather jewellery and clutches from Chouette Fille whose glittery touches put you in a joyful mood!

2015-12-13_hotel_boheme_0472015-12-13_hotel_boheme_044 2015-12-13_hotel_boheme_049 2015-12-13_hotel_boheme_051

  • The iconic “franginettes” (shoe accessories) of Aurélie Chadaine to customise your sneakers or derbys! I also got discover her beautiful leather goods collection.

2015-12-13_hotel_boheme_062 2015-12-13_hotel_boheme_061 2015-12-13_hotel_boheme_056

  • The beautiful gold plated jewellery pieces of Barbarisme, a brand I really like and which you have probably already seen me wearing here.

2015-12-13_hotel_boheme_077 2015-12-13_hotel_boheme_075 2015-12-13_hotel_boheme_071 2015-12-13_hotel_boheme_066 2015-12-13_hotel_boheme_065 2015-12-13_hotel_boheme_064

  • Another discovery from this fair are the leather accessories of Peau de Fleur. I really like the delicacy and the degree of details of the jewels and particularly the hoop earrings.

hôtel bohème peau de fleur hôtel bohème peau de fleur hôtel bohème peau de fleur hôtel bohème peau de fleur hôtel bohème peau de fleur

  • La Tonkinoise à Paris and her creations made from vintage jewellery and accessories found in garage sales which are finding there a second life.

hôtel bohème la tonkinoise à Paris hôtel bohème la tonkinoise à Paris

  • It was also the opportunity to find out about the amazing light fixtures from Tedzukuri Atelier, with their origami style design.

2015-12-13_hotel_boheme_082 2015-12-13_hotel_boheme_080 2015-12-13_hotel_boheme_079

Have a nice day!

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