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Smug in London

smug london

If you pop by Islington and you like cute lifestyle stores, I really recommend you to stop by Smug.

I actually discovered this spot during a bonsai workshop organised by geo-fleur (I had already told you about this brand here). Smug is regularly arranging workshops on the top floor of the store (by the way, the next ones are about lettering).

The graphic designer, Lizzie Evans, is the brainchild behind this little gem hidden in Camden Passage and has carefully curated a selection of colourful homeware, trendy stationery (especially Rifle Paper Co., Hello!Lucky, Hay and Midori), independent  magazines like  Frankie, Kinfolk or Cereal, a couple of vintage furniture from the 50s and 60s, retro accessories as well as some of her graphic creations.

13 Camden Passage
N1 8EA London
United Kingdom

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Have a nice day!

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