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Central Park under the snow – New York Part 1

new york under the snow central park

I had the chance to spend 6 weeks in New York early this year for work. January and February are not the most touristy months, which is a shame for them as I personally really enjoyed discovering this city during that time of the year!
During my stay, it snowed several times and I took the  opportunity of the fact that the snow had fallen all day on a Saturday to wake up early on Sunday morning, cover myself up with warm clothes and leave to explore the city. I had in mind to go for a walk in Central Park, which I thought, would be really beautiful under the snow (and I was right!). It was also really cool to see New-Yorkers going sledging on the slopes of the park and kids snowball fighting. I even came across a guy with his cross country skis!

It was freezing cool though and as my feet started to get wet inside my UGG boots, I had to curtail my walk and find some place warm to get dry 🙂

Hope you enjoy the pictures!

2017-01-08_nyc_006 2017-01-08_nyc_008 2017-01-08_nyc_009 2017-01-08_nyc_015 2017-01-08_nyc_016 2017-01-08_nyc_091 2017-01-08_nyc_093 2017-01-08_nyc_094 2017-01-08_nyc_095 2017-01-08_nyc_096 2017-01-08_nyc_098 2017-01-08_nyc_100 2017-01-08_nyc_102 2017-01-08_nyc_103 2017-01-08_nyc_104 2017-01-08_nyc_105 2017-01-08_nyc_106 2017-01-08_nyc_107 2017-01-08_nyc_112 2017-01-08_nyc_113 2017-01-08_nyc_114 2017-01-08_nyc_118 2017-01-08_nyc_120 2017-01-08_nyc_123 2017-01-08_nyc_125 2017-01-08_nyc_126 2017-01-08_nyc_127 2017-01-08_nyc_128 2017-01-08_nyc_129 2017-01-08_nyc_131 2017-01-08_nyc_134 2017-01-08_nyc_135 2017-01-08_nyc_136 2017-01-08_nyc_137 2017-01-08_nyc_138 2017-01-08_nyc_139 2017-01-08_nyc_141 2017-01-08_nyc_161

Have a nice day!

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