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A week in Courchevel

After Les 2 Alpes two years ago, this year we went skiing for a week in Courchevel at the end of February. I love staying in the mountains in winter as I find it a great way to get some fresh air, exercice and clear your mind.  I always like going to Courchevel as the skiing area is really varied and 1650 station’s atmosphere is very friendly. Snow conditions were not ideal this year and we started seeing the soil on a couple of slopes (which is unusual for the station), but we made the most of it anyways!

IMG_5564 IMG_5572 IMG_5573 IMG_5558 IMG_5574

The highlight of the stay: the day doing the Trois Vallées excursion with the off-track itinerary of the Lac du Loup via Caroux which ends with the crossing of the frozen lake 🙂

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As I super sporty the rest of the year (:)#sarcasm), I usually do little breaks during the week to recover. When we come to Courchevel, my mum and I take that opportunity to go up to 1850 (the part of the station where millionaires are living), to check out the luxury stores (we just have a look as it is not really in our budget :)) and visit the art galleries. What is also great with that resort is that, every year, artists are exhibiting sculptures in the village as well as on the slopes (you might have seen my picture of Richard d’Orlinski giant bear from on my Instagram feed). In 2017, the guest artists are Julien Marinetti, Richard d’Orlinski, as well as globally famous street artistes rush as JonOne to only mention one (if you want to know more, you will find more here).

This walk was the opportunity to discover the custom jewellery brand APM Monaco, and I really had a crush on their collections.
By the way, I recommend you as well the Chabichou bakery which is doing really good break.

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I also take that opportunity to recommend you the Funky Fox Bar in Courchevel 1650 which is really nice to have a little beer with friends in an atmosphere a tad East London .


Have a nice day!

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