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Toronto – Canada Part 8

toronto canada

After our stay in Quebec, we drove up to Montreal for the night and, the next morning, set  off to take the train to Toronto with the aim of seeing the Niagara Falls. The train journey between Montreal and Toronto is fairly easy and it is actually quite nice to take the time to admire the sceneries through the window.

If we had to go to Toronto again, we would have stayed a bit longer to have more time to discover the city (we only had a night and a few hours there in the end). Indeed, I think that you need at least a full day to really appreciate the different districts and have time to try a couple of foodie spots. I have added below the link to my previous articles on our Canada adventure if you want to check them out. Follow me on Facebook and Instagram to discover more!

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Chinatown, Kensington and the Old Town

We arrived at the end of the day and, after having left our bags at our AirBNB flat not far from the station, we went for a walk in town. As it was already fairly late, we didn’t get the chance to see a lot, so we focused on strolling in the entertainment district before going up to visit Chinatown and Kensington area. On the way, I spotted Rudsak, which looked like a really cool store but that was already closed unfortunately…

I really liked Kensington area with its street art, little coffee shops and hipster restaurants. A surprising anecdote (for me at least :)): there were also stores selling cannabis! Before entering this district, I hadn’t realised that selling and consuming cannabis was authorised in Canada.
For diner, we went in the old part of the city, not far from the theatre district, at John & Sons Oyster House, a marine pub as they say. We had a tuna tartare amongst other things and while the food was good, I thought it was a bit expensive for the size of the portions, but maybe that is normal for Toronto.
While walking around, I have spotted some places that looked really cool which we didn’t get the time to try unfortunately: Grass Hooper (a vegetarian and vegan restaurant), Supermarket (a bar and restaurant which facade totally caught my eye :)), Café Pamenar (apparently a really good spot in the heart of Kensington market), The Burgernator, Big Fat Burrito (with its street art front) and Fika (a cute house turned coffee shop). Don’t hesitate to give me your opinion on these if you have tried them! I also came across what looked like a nice boutique hotel in a former textile factory in Chinatown called Hotel Ocho.

toronto canada
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canada toronto
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The Distillerie District

The next day, we left for Niagara Falls, which I will tell you more about in an upcoming post, but before that, we popped by The Bagel House to grab a delicious bagel for breakfast. After our excursion to the falls, we had a bit of time at the end of the day before taking the train back to Montreal to visit the historic district of the distillery (we actually had bit of a struggle accessing it by car). #teamnotskilledwithrentalcarGPS
This area, as its name indicates, was created in Gooderham & Worts old distillery which closed in the 90s. It has since become a trendy place with art galleries, fashionable stores and little cool coffee shops and restaurants. There are also sculptures spread around the area including “IT” by Michael Christian which reminded me a bit of “Maman” from Louise Bourgeois and Still Dancing from Dennis Oppenheim.
We took that opportunity to grab a sandwich and a little treat at Brick Street Bakery (very good bakery by the way!) to eat in the train. On our way back, I also spotted The Sweet Escape which looked like it a good address for pastries!

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Have a nice day!

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