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Quebec Foodie Guide – Canada Part 6

quebec canada

You may have followed our adventures in Canada during my previous posts. Today, I wanted to share with you my Quebec foodie guide. We only stayed for two-three days in this city but we have been amazed by the profusion of nice little addresses! That is why I decided to write up a dedicated article as there was too many… 🙂 #yummy Continue Reading

Canada Food & Travels

Quebec – Canada Part 5

quebec canada

Following our stop in Baie-Saint-Paul, we finally arrived in Quebec! In this post, I will focus more on places to visit there and I will do another post later for everything related to gastronomy as we have tried so many delicious things that this article would be too long 🙂

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Summer on the Southbank


I had already told you in a previous post that one of the things I really like in London is strolling along the Southbank at the weekend. During summer, it is buzzing and there are so many activities and events going on! I therefore wanted to share with you the places I usually check out while there as well as an cool event I came across with during my last visit 🙂  Continue Reading

Canada Food & Travels

Saguenay and Lake Saint-Jean – Canada Part 2

It has been a while since I last posted as we were busy getting our flat renovated… So, finally back with a second post about our trip to Canada. After a relaxing weekend in Les Laurentides, we headed straight North to La Baie. As Europeans, we slightly under-estimated the time it would take us to reach Saguenay and therefore did a little stop in Québec to have a quick lunch, which I will tell you more about soon 🙂 Continue Reading